Oct 17, 2006

1 new wallpaper (Magic Knight Rayearth: Visions of Cephiro)

1 new wallpaper:
Magic Knight Rayearth - Visions of Cephiro (Vexture/Scenic)
I just thought this scan was interesting. Probably the sun-in-glory design drew me in. Also, the lack of characters. I've been getting a kick from walls with very small (or in this case non-existant) character art lately... [more]

Oct 12, 2006

Screen size statistics

I've been using Google Analytics for several months now, and one of the most fascinating things I've learned about my site visitors is how many people still use relatively small monitors.
50% of my visitors use 1024x768. This doesn't surprise me, I know this is still the most common resolution.
20% of my visitors use 1280x1024, which is the same resolution I use at home. The increasing popularity of LCDs which tend to be of the 5x4 ratio explains this fairly well.
Surprisingly, a solid 8% of my users are on 800x600. This is the third most common resolution of DA!'s visitors. There's a reason why we're still told to make sure our designs fit in 800x600 screens at work. That's 1 out of every 12 visitors to my site!
In a graphics-savvy community where 1280x1024 is considered small, people still need to remember: design your website for the least common denominator -- the 800x600 crowd. They're still a sizable portion of the internet at large.
(This of course means nothing about designing wallpapers; design them as large as you feel like, for sizing down will leave less artifacting on the image than sizing up.)
As a final note, widescreen resolutions are growing in popularity as well - a bit over 10% of DA!'s visitors use a widescreen (16x10) resolution.

Oct 5, 2006

1 new wallpaper (Dark Craibe: Letort Nouveau)

1 new wallpaper:
Artist/Tachibana Kaim - Letort Nouveau (Art Nouveau)
The original art was already done in Art Nouveau style, and has been my favorite image of Letort for years. It's about time I actually walled it. Plus, Letort is hawt. Hawt guys on my desktop, mmmmMmm... [more]

Oct 1, 2006

1 new wallpaper (Cafe Kichijouji De - Superstition)

1 new wallpaper:
Cafe Kichijouji De - Superstition (Vexture/Minimalistic)
This is my Halloween wallpaper. "Why Tama," you say, "Why is your wall done a month ahead of time?" Oh, gentle reader, it is because it gives you a WHOLE MONTH to enjoy it. I chose the scan after strolling through the CKD scans and thought the image was just too funny to pass up. The original scan had a haunted house with flashing lightning, but nothing is scarier than a humongous, looming Sukekiyo... [more]