Mar 26, 2011

Tears for Japan fundraiser complete

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Tears for Japan fundraiser campaign!
A total of $163 was raised (I rounded) and donated to Save the Children Federation.

Mar 19, 2011

1 new wallpaper (Toward the Terra - Tears for Terra)

1 new wallpaper: Toward the Terra - Tears for Terra (Art Nouveau)
I started this wallpaper over a year ago, having finished the character artwork trace fairly quickly. It then sat on my hard drive for many months as I never got around to completing the Art Nouveau-styled frame for it. Then, last week the Northeastern Japan earthquake and tsunami struck… I wanted to show my support for Japan, so I looked through my work-in-progress folder and found this. It was oddly fitting, seeing Jomy and Physis mourning for a home they never had, while many Japanese mourn for a home that is lost… [more]